Thursday, July 17, 2008


Pros: Pulido has a solid bat that projects to hit in the middle of the order with solid power. He has the glove to be an average SS, however, the plan is to move him over to 3B or CF where he would be a very good fielder.
Cons: Range limits his value at SS, and batting eye is only average.
ETA: Late season 9, start of Season 10

Pros: Zoltan a LH starting pitcher projects to have plus control and dominate lefties, he should also be above average getting right handers out. He throw 4 pitches, 2 plus (FB, Slider), an average curveball and below average Change. Zoltan should be a front of the rotation starter once he matures.
Cons: The only con is his average durability, however, he has good Stamina and should be able to provide 200 innings a year.
ETA: Late season 10, early season 11

Pros: One of the top international prospects in season 8, Oliva gives the Tsunami another high end lefty starter who already has very good control and projects to dominate lefties. Oliva throws 5 pitches including two plus pitches (curveball, 4 seam fastball). Oliva also projects to be a solid #2 starter.
Cons: The only thing potentially could derail Oliva is his relatively average ability against righties, if he overcomes that he should help round out the rotation for years to come.
ETA: Late season 9, early season 10

Pros: Kaufman projects to be another middle of the order bat at LF with very good power and batters eye.
Cons: Would like his ability to be able to hit righties be a little higher, however, he should be at least above average against righties, while pounding lefties.
ETA: Season 11

Pros: A right handed starting pitcher who projects to fill a #4/#5 spot in the rotation. He shows potential for good control with three plus pitches. And should be better than average getting out both lefties and righties.
Cons: Low stamina
ETA: Season 11

Pros: A right handed starting pitcher who could fill a #5 spot in the rotation, but better served as a long man. Projects to have plus control and above average against righties.
Cons: Only 1 plus pitch and a second average pitch. Not suitable as a starter. Lefties could be a problem
ETA: End Season 10/Season 11

Pros: Ueno is a solid lefty starter who projects to back of the rotation/long man. Projects to have plus control with two above average pitches.
Cons: Age, already at 23 may be hard pressed to reach his potential. Righties could prove to be a problem
ETA: Season 10/11

Pros: Lankford projects to be a solid every day DH. Lankford projects to have decent power and can kill right handed pitching.
Cons: Limited defensively to DH, slightly above average batting eye.
ETA: Season 11/12

Pros: Solid 4th OF on a major league team, with a decent eye.
Cons: lack of power and average ability againt right handed pitching limit him to a part time role.
ETA: Season 10/11

Pros: Solid setup man with good control and very good against right handed hitters.
Cons: Health, average ability against lefties, and lack of a dominate pitch.
ETA: Season 11

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