Thursday, July 17, 2008

St. Louis Top Prospects


Chuck will be a monster hitter, and a very marginal fielder.... but St. Louis needs hitting, so look for him in the majors in season 10.


George isn't a real prospect, he just is better than average for the farm system in St. Louis. He may make it to the Ml's as a LRA guy by season 11, but don't hold your breath.


Vin is a recent int'l signee. St. Louis has high hopes for this guy. If he can perform well at AA this season, look for him to get a fast promotion to AAA, and possibly a second-half call up to the big league squad.


Candy was brought in with a pre season trade, he's a season 11 or 12 prospect that should have a long career working in the ML bullpen as an above average setup pitcher.


Benny is a future ML'er... while he will never be an offensive juggernaut, his defensive skills will earn him a spot on the big league squad by the end of season 11. And he is a contact hitter that should bat for average and help load the bases for Chuck Helling.

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