Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top 10 Big and Tall Prospects

In the spirit of Baseball America, I present the top 10 prospects in the Big and Tall organization.

Holt is a shortstop at AAA, who can hit for average, hit for power and has a good glove. He's the real deal, and should be an All-Star for many years to come.

2. Marco Taylor

Taylor is a masher first baseman who will be a 50 HR threat for a decade barring injury. He'll be at AAA for at least one more season.

3. James Donovan

A recent acquisition, Donovan will be destroying the egos of LoA pitchers for at least the first half of the season. Only 19, this second baseman has a lot of growth ahead of him.

4. Magglio Tarasco

Tarasco is my closer of the future. He could start getting the ball in the 9th in Rochester this season.

5. Luis Lopez

Lopez is the only starting pitcher who I am certain will be a top of the rotation starter when the current MLers start declining. He'll be at AA this season.

6. Jamie Risley

Between his power and his batting eye, AA C/DH Risley should be a fixture behind the plate when Ryan Andrews moves on.

7. Jim Black

After down year last season, Black remains a good prospect, but will likely be a back up in Rochester unless a trade happens or an injury strikes.

8. Mac Carver

Carver is only in LoA, and is probably no better than a #3 starter down the line, but starting pitching is so rare that he's in the top 10.

9. Babe Gil

Dominant against lefties, Gil is a AA starting pitcher that should hold a spot at the bottom of a major league rotation if his control improves.

10. Terry Wigginton

Wigginton will be a great power bat off the bench in a few years. He's at AA, and if his durability was better, he'd be a starting first baseman someday.

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zovakozi said...

How do you keep landing all these top prospects? You have to tell me your secrets.