Thursday, August 28, 2008

evancavan Interview

evancavan is another World Alexander original owner, having piloted the St. Louis Arch Angels to a World Series title and 4 playoff appearances since the world's inception. The Arch Angels are coming off back-to-back losing seasons and are sitting at 55-55 this year, 4 games back in the NL West.

Q: How do you feel about your team's performance this year? Are you pleased or disappointed?

A: Both, I wasn't expecting much. But I made enough moves I thought I'd be in contention for the division. Helena came out of nowhere this season, so I have been continuing to make moves trying to catch them. I'll have a better answer in a couple of weeks.

Q: Who on your team would you say is overachieving or underachieving?

A: Don Darnell is underachieving. He just looks like he'd be more consistent than he is.

Q: What are your team's strengths and weaknesses? Do you plan on making any roster moves to eliminate some weaknesses?

A: My most glaring weakness is starting pitching. And depth of pitching. I have made several recent moves to address the issue. Time will tell if they were good moves. I also have a power shortage, but that will have to be dealt with at another time.

Q: What is your long term plan for the Arch Angels? Do you see them being competitive for a long time or are you planning on winning now?

A: I feel like we are rebuilding with a young core of guys. The Arch Angels are now paying for the win-now philosophy of seasons 2-4. Hopefully we are on the right track. We are thin in the minors still, but a couple of decent drafts to compliment the young core of Major League players and we might be capable of upsetting Indy or Rochester.

Q: Do you think your Arch Angels can revive their season 4 magic if they can only sneak into the playoffs?

A: Anything can happen. But the season 4 team was a lot better than this team. Injuries that season had an impact on the record, and once the playoffs arrived, health wasn't much of an issue. This team doesn't have the offense needed to hang with the big boys.

Q: Who do you pick to win it all this year, and why?

A: No offense to all the great teams out there. But Rochester should be embarrassed if they don't win. The Rochester team is stacked at every position with two deep all-star talent. I suppose that means it's entirely up to the coach to get it done.

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