Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indianapolis Lancers Season 10 Preview

Once again, the Lancers went through a pretty slow and uneventful offseason. As most of their top players are in their prime, they probably won't need to make any huge moves for a couple of years.

Only a couple moves were made this offseason. C Rudy Aldridge signed a 5-year, $40.75 million contract extension to remain with the Lancers through season 14. SP David Lugo also was extended, inking a 5-year, $31.25 million deal to anchor the Lancers' pitching staff for the foreseeable future. 9 players were signed to 1-year deals through arbitration, while LF Michael Walker and RP Danny Alston saw their 9-year tenures with the Lancers franchise end. Only 2 new players will start the season on the Lancers' 25-man roster this season: RP Pedro Santiago and LF Denny Everett. The Lancers hope to repeat the success of the previous seasons with a solid season 10 lineup and pitching staff.

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