Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indianapolis Lancers Top 10 Prospects - Season 10

1. Josias Pena - My $16 million advanced scouting sees Pena projecting to 100/100 splits, and while that's likely not 100% accurate, Pena will still be a very good reliever in the future. Expect to see him playing an integral part in the Lancers' bullpen beginning next season.
2. Steven Harris - Although he boasts projected splits of 90+ (according to my scouts), Harris likely won't see much time behind the plate in Indianapolis due to Rudy Aldridge. With a bat as good as he's got, and adequate defensive skills behind the plate, Harris will probably another franchise's long-term solution at catcher.
3. Max Hernandez - Hernandez is another solid catching prospect blocked by Aldridge. Hernandez fell to the supplemental round of the season 7 draft, though his great power and batting eye and adequate defense mean he'll be a possible All-Star catcher in the major leagues.
4. McKay White - A recent acquisition, White is a solid reliever capable of going multiple innings. If he's able to stay healthy, he'll probably move into the Lancers' bullpen in season 12.
5. Alan Ramirez - A 1st-round pick in season 7, Ramirez projects to be a solid if unspectacular long reliever or back-of-the-rotation starter when he reaches the major leagues next year.
6. Lewis Harvey - Harvey, a 2nd-round pick last season, is the third major catcher in the Lancers' minor league system. Even if Aldridge wasn't around, Harvey would have a hard time breaking the Lancers' future lineup due to the fact he's stuck behind Harris and Hernandez in the system. However, his great bat and solid glove will probably end up netting him a major league roster spot elsewhere.
7. Harold Green - Green was the Lancers' top draft pick last season, and he projects to be a similar pitcher to Ramirez: solid long reliever of back-of-the-rotation starter. He expects to make his major league debut in season 12.
8. Rico Delgado - Delgado was signed for $5 million out of Venezuela in season 8. He's a slow-footed power hitter who might just earn himself a starting job next season. Worst case scenario, he'll be the Lancers' first bat off the bench when he debuts in a year.
9. Pat Fischer - Fischer was the Lancers' top season 8 draft pick. Already age 24, he'll probably debut next season as a back-of-the-rotation starter due to the fact that he's got solid across-the-board ratings, but nothing spectacular.
10. Harry Lopez - Lopez signed an $8 million deal out of the Dominican Republic last season at the age of 19. While he converted only 25 of 34 save opportunities last year, he's still on track for a Lancers bullpen job in season 13.

Update on last year's top 10:

1. Damaso Moreno - Batted .258 with 34 HR last season, plus .429 in 28 post-season AB.
2. Pena - #1 prospect this season.
3. Pedro Santiago - Is making his major league debut this season as a setup man.
4. Ramirez - #5 prospect this season.
5. Hernandez - #3 prospect this season.
6. Geoff Holmes - Traded to the Juicers in the deal for White. Currently in AAA.
7. Sam Stewart - Came up last season to replace an injured player, and went 6-3 with a 4.70 ERA in 16 starts, plus 1-0 in 2 post-season starts.
8. Fischer - #9 prospect this season.
9. Lawrence Faulkner - Traded to the Juicers in the deal for White. Currently a setup man for the Juicers.
10. Denny Everett - Currently platooning for the Lancers in LF.

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