Friday, October 24, 2008

Top 10 Mauler Prospects

1. Anthony Pritchett - Currently in AAA. Will make his ML debut next year at either 2B or CF. Great glove, range, and splits should make Pritchett a solid ML player.

2. Rip Scott - Currently in AAA. May play in the bigs next year or maybe season 12. Great splits, solid control, and average pitches should may Scott a solid LR man.

3. Mac Rupe - Currently in High A. Future CF or 2B. Great glove, eye, splits, and contact should make Rupe a very solid #2 hitter.

4. Stewart Giles - Currently in AAA. Hopefully will be my #5 pitcher next year. Some concerns with decent control and fairly low splits. Hopefully his 2 great pitches and 2 solid pitches will make up for it.

5. Charley Pratt - Currently in AAA. Pratt may pitch next year or season 12. Solid control, decent LHS, great RHS, and 3 good pitches should make Pratt a possible #3 starter.

6. Earl Stern - Currently in AAA. Stern should be a good Setup/LR man in a season or two. Great control and solid splits should help his sort of weak pitches out.

7. Tommie McNamara - Currently in AA. Solid hitter and good RF.

8. Brian Parrott - Currently in High A. Should be a solid hitter and good fielder.

9. James Lewis - Currently in High A. Low stamina forces Lewis to be a great LR maybe spot starter. Very good control and splits.

10. Neil Hearn - Currently in High A. With C's being the hardest position IMO to fill. I was very glad to get Hearn from the Inferno. GREAT PC, arm, and some pop with the bat. Hearn will be on my ML squad at some point in his career.

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