Friday, November 21, 2008

Season 10 Amateur Draft Analysis: Picks 1-10

Grades are based on the value of the player selected at the position they were selected at. I have $16 million advanced scouting, so everything I see isn't 100% accurate.

1. Eddie Flynn (New York Juicers) - Flynn is the best pitcher in the draft this year, and if he signs, he'll likely be one of the top pitchers in World Alexander. However, he still hasn't signed and word is he's heading to college. Grade: Incomplete

2. Glen Waterson (Philadelphia Wild Cats) - Waterson's changeup, sinker, and curveball are below average, but that won't stop him from being the future ace that the Wild Cats need so badly. Grade: A

3. Timothy Bowie (Chicago Cubs) - My $16 million advanced scouting budget shows Bowie projecting to a startling 98 overall - thanks in part to projected 100 durability, but also to the fact that he plays great defense at SS, has excellent speed, and swings a decent bat. A solid all-around player, but not a superstar on offense. Grade: B

4. Tony Flores (Oklahoma City Knights) - Flores is the third of a trio of aces picked near the top of the draft this year. Although he doesn't have a dominant pitch, his great splits, control, and velocity will make him a very good starting pitcher in the future. Grade: A

5. Javy Rivera (Iowa City Black Hawks) - Rivera plays solid defense at SS and swings a decent, if unspectacular, bat. He'll be a good player, but I think there were better players available this high in the draft. Grade: C-

6. Bono Dean (Oakland Acorns) - Dean boasts a great fastball and solid velocity, but his mediocre control and splits will prevent him from being a star. He projects to be a bottom of the rotation starter if he makes the big leagues. Grade: D

7. Wayne Knowles (San Antonio Stars) - If Knowles signs, this is one of the top picks in the draft. He projects to be a superstar hitter, as well as having the defensive skill to play behind the plate. Unfortunately, he also has skill on the court, as he's being scouted to play professional basketball and may not sign. Grade: Incomplete

8. Frank Saunders (Las Vegas Dreamers) - Saunders will be a decent player in the big leagues, as he boasts solid speed and a pretty good bat. However, he doesn't play 2B too well defensively, and he bat is only "pretty good." Grade: C

9. Francisco Espada (Milwaukee Brewers) - Espada's only weakness is his struggles facing left-handed batters. If he didn't have this problem, he'd rank right up there with Flynn, Waterson, and Bowie as aces of the draft. Grade: B

10. Ted Rogers (Cleveland Redlegs) - Rogers will be a good defensive catcher and above average at the plate. He should be an important part of the Redlegs' lineup for years to come. Grade: B+

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