Friday, November 21, 2008

Season 10 Amateur Draft Analysis: Picks 11-20

11. Gregg Falk (Montreal Canadiens) - While Falk falls a little short of the trio of aces due to his weak curveball and changeup and tendency to struggle a little against righties at times, he'll still be a very solid big league pitcher who should rack up some complete games. Grade: A-

12. Randall Osborne (Helena Loggers) - If Osborne signs, this will be one of the steals of the draft. While he's a bit subpar for SS defensively (probably better suited to 3B), he's a very solid hitter who definitely has a big league future. However, he hasn't signed yet and might opt for college. Grade: Incomplete

13. Alex Rice (New York BREAK YOUR BACKERS) - Rice boasts two very good pitches, solid velocity, great control, and an ability to pitch an insane number of innings out of the bullpen. However, his splits mean you might not want him pitching a lot of innings. Grade: D-

14. Rafael Quixote (Charlotte Grandma-mas) - Although Quixote will sometimes struggle with RHP's and doesn't have a great eye at the plate, he makes great contact, hits for great power, fares well against lefties and has decent speed. Grade: A-

15. Mo Levier (Augusta moose) - Levier will be a solid hitter and defensive SS. He doesn't have phenomenal power but he makes contact and drives the ball. He'll probably bat over .300 multiple times in his career. Grade: B+

16. Torey Burnett (St. Louis Arch Angels) - Burnett wants to sign, but it looks like the Arch Angels don't plan on inking him to a deal, and for good reason. Although he has good splits and quality pitches, his control means that he'll be a borderline ML pitcher at best. Grade: F

17. Marvin Owens (Texas Texas Rebels) - Good splits, great control, a dominant 4-seam fastball, and two other good pitches...on the surface Owens looks like a superstar reliever. And he will be good...when he is able to pitch. But that low durability coupled with his stamina means he won't be able to be used as a closer or as a workhorse setup man. Grade: B-

18. Alex Rogers (Vancouver City Slickers) - Rogers isn't a superstar offensively - he can hold his own but probably isn't going to be an All-Star when it comes to batting. However, his excellent defensive skills make his offense more valuable, and make him a good pick. Grade: A-

19. Chris Stark (Colorado Springs Field Mice) - Stark has some of the most pure power of any hitter in the draft. What makes him really special, though, is his ability to hit for average as well as get a lot of long balls. Grade: A

20. Russell Duran (Little Rock Radioactive Reindeer) - Duran is the definition of solid: he's not a star on offense or defense, but he will be a solid starter in both respects when he reaches the big leagues. Grade: B-

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