Monday, April 27, 2009

AL South Preview - Montgomery Maulers

Owner - zovakozi1 (1317-951) 9 playoff appearances, 7 division titles, 3 AL pennants, and 1 World Series ring

Major Losses - Yogi Lemon - huge loss in the middle of the lineup. Part of the Pedro Sierra trade.

Horacio Seneca - one of my favorite players. Has been money even though he has been in the twilight of his career. Very hard to replace.

Darrel Young - A solid #3 or #4 starter. Will be missed.

Anthony Pritchett - Very good young CF/2B. The addition of Vic Andujar made Pritchett obsolete in the Maulers plans.

Additions - Pedro Sierra - biggest addition to the Maulers. Hopefully will take me into the playoffs.

Vic Andujar - Great glove and range makes him my CF.

Davey Murray - replacing Lemon is not easy but Murray is going to try.

Prediction - 90 wins and no playoffs. (maybe next year)

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