Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NL South Meet The Owners: grivfmd1 (Richmond Revolution)

On the eve of the regular season, your NL South correspondent will bring you a series of Q&As that will introduce you to the owners of the NL South. Today, we bring you grivfmd1, one of the most successful owners in this world. Grivfmd1 has logged 49 seasons at nearly a .560 clip, and amassed 5 world titles along the way. However, he has not yet taken the title in Alexander - something he will hope to address this season.

1) Where are you (what city) and what do you do? i.e. tell us whatever you would like to share with us about you

I am a reluctantly aging 58y/o MD. I own and run an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, hence my handle GRIVFMD1. I have 6 children and 2 grand children mostly in Michigan or Chicago.

2) Do you think your team is ready to reclaim the division title after yielding the title to Little Rock for the last two seasons?

Maybe - keep looking for that #1 shut down starter but not finding him.

3) What are your plans for Malcolm Young?

Malcolm Young and Steve Spence will likely see the ML club in "May".

4) How did you hear about HBD and/or WIS?

Stumbled across WIS - SIM baseball on MLB.com many years ago. Have played HBD since 1st released - rarely play SIM any more.

5) What aspect of HBD do you enjoy the most?

Competitive juice - at 58, I can not do what I used to do and don't have the time (or necessary money) for competitive sailing (which I miss but have not done in 5 years). I don't trade much and mostly build from inside the team - draft slow development.

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