Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whitehouse Report 4/21

First off i want to let everyone know these are strictly opinions of mine and never mean to offend or piss any one off ,also i would like to thank danman and the long time owners of world Alexander and thank you for your support.Now lets talk some baseball, i will be writing some write ups thru the season and today i want to start off with my SHOUT-OUT of the month to Benji Banks(3 time Fireman of the Year) of the Texas Rebels Rebels a long time closer in this league who leads the league by a whopping 121 career saves over the up and comer Rafeal Tatis of the Montgomery Maulers. Tatis will probably reach close to this milestone of a stat 1 day if he can stay away from injury because he is the young age of 29 compared to Banks' 35.

Today, i want to mostly talk about career records.We have a couple career records in jeopardy to ponder at the beginning of this promising season 12 for many teams.C-A-R-E-E-R !! Careers are what makes our sim worlds, we live in,and i feel these players should be acknowledged since whatif doesnt promote them enough, so these are the ones in turmoil this season.

#1-Stolen Bases : The All-Time stolen base holder is slowing down in his old age, Bonk Alexander,(2 time all star for the new york2 franchise)is leading and has a new home in the Augusta Moose franchise.His lead is 428- 411 over young Steve Johnson of the Jackson Jokers.Many people suspected Billy PettyJohn would elapse this record after his season five, 140 steal season,he and Salem owners revolutionized the game somewhat with speed on the bases and always a threat to swipe an extra almighty base.The promising Pettyjohn unfortunately retired at the ripe age of 27-could it have been the minimal pro pay he was making....what if?????

#2- K's thru 9 : Powerhouse rochester has a great battle on their hands with Julio Rosa and Jimmy Springer both are so close in strikeouts thru 9 innings it is got to change hands once or twice through the season.Rosa leads with a career K/9 of 8.32 and leads the 4-Time cy young winning and rookie of the year recipient,Jimmy Springer,who has a 8.26.These are Great pitchers that get the job done but i found it interesting that two guys from our draft in season 2 were lurking at 3rd and 5th Mo Levrault( 10th pick) of the St Louis Arch Angels had a 7.74 and in fifth place was Eugene Nicholson(11th pick) of the LIttle Rock franchise at 7.54,which is good to see some of the talent coming of age for the teams that have needed help.

#3-HR's Allowed : Now this is kind of a doozie for recognizing the leader of this stat,but ill get into that in a sec, Chad Schilling leads this terrible stat over Carl Blalock by a measly 11 hr's 372-361. i hope Schilling can shake off this stat because its not a fair shake for him and im about to tell you why.Chad Schilling is only 33 yrs of age but he has thrown close to 3,000 more pitches,155 more innings AND trails the all time strikeout leader Rodney Blauser,(which he will surpass barring no injuries) who is 38 yrs old, and only out by about 100 strikeouts.and read #4!!!

#4-Wins-Chad Schilling is in the fight of his life...and looks like he will prevail,unless Al Carreras has something to say about it.The Pawtucket Patriots new acquisition at the steep price of 5 yr/50 mill, making him the hot item of the off season,is the same age as Schilling at 33 and trails the Montgomery Mauler(Schilling) by 6 wins.189 to 183,kind of funny that they make 10 mill difference a year and the better one at the moment isnt the one "getting extra cheese on their Whopper" as we will say.To state milestones Schilling also has 2 Cy Young awards to Carreras'1

Hope you all enjoyed this update from the Whitehouse Report and i will be back with more through the season to see how things are going and with more info on teams and players of your sim world.

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