Friday, March 18, 2011

Who has the best organization? pt 2

I know everyone has been waiting for part 2 of "who has the best organization's top 15."Once again this is the ranking for best organization from rookie to major leagues.Whitehouse Rating= 4 points for world series,3 points for LCS,2 points for div title and 1 point for playoff appearance at any level. NOTE: i mixed up notes on colorado,colorado springs and colombus.The only correction from part 1 is a tie for #18th(tied)-Colorado Springs Field Mice-(104 pts)Big League play these guys rank 9th with 11 appearances in playoffs via 6 by div chamionships and 1 LCS's to their ML banners.They slipped a little in minors with a 22nd ranking with 25 appearances,20 div titles,3 LCS, and 1 world series.psanders is an original owner.So our countdown continues at #14....

#14-New York Stink Palmers-(120 pts)The NY2 club has 6 major league playoff appearances and 1 division title which ranked them 22nd in bigs.Their minor league teams helped them tremendoudly in rankings coming in 10th.with 45 appearances,13 div titles,7 LCS'S and a countdown high at this point, 5 World Series'(4th best in minors).Look for this team to move up in ML rankings as they are one of the 3 youngest teams in league.joshcarolina is an original owner.
#13-Augusta Moose-(127 pts)The Moose ranked 13th in ML's with 7 playoffs appearances with 4 div titles.minor league they ranked 13th with 39 october appearances,32 by div titles,but only 3 LCS titles and lacked points for "closing the deal"in the big series. Mcgupp is an original owner.
#12-Cleveland Redlegs-(133 pts)Cleveland ranks dead last in ML's with 0 appearances-that makes them a very fine minor league club ranking 10th in minors with 44 appearances but get mad points for 40(ranks 3rd total) division titles!! They have 3 LCS titles to add to their point total.However have 0 WS which makes them 1 of 7 teams with no WS banners in their organization!
#11-Boston Red Sox-(136 pts)Red Sox have 2 playoff appearances in ML's to rank them 29th.the made up a lot of points in the minors ranking 9th.they were propelled by 37 appearances via 32 div titles,7LCS titles amd 3 World Series.
#10-Colombus Small Ballers-(143 pts) Small Ballers have a new owner that has some high expectations expected of him.They rank the 4th best ML team with 14 appearances ,13 div titles and 3 LCS titles.A 7th ranking drops them in minors they have acquired 20 div titles,6 LCS, and 3 WS rings in 24 appearances,
#9-Nashville Troubadours-(149 pts)Nashville is tied at 17th in ML's with 6 appearances and 3 div titles.They are 8th in minors with 46 appearances,23 div titles,11 LCS'S and 3 world series trophies.
#7(tie)-Little Rock Liddies-(150 pts) The Liddies are tied 31st with 1 playoff appearance.They pack a punch in the minors with a 6 ranking.After 43 trips ,35 by div title.They have acquired 8 LCS's and 3 World Series rings.
#7(tie)-Texas Dragons-(150 pts)The Dragons rank 10th in bigs with 5 playoff appearances all by division titles and have 1 LCS ,and they made it count gaining their 1 world series victory.Texas was 11th in minors with 39 trips to playoffs,23 div titles,9LCS, and 4World Series triumphs.
#6-St Louis Arch Angels-(160 pts)Arch Angel's rank 3rd best team in ML's with 11 div titles,2 LCS,and 2 WS in their 12 appearances.They finished 14th in minor leagues with 37 appearances via 29 bydiv titles but have only produced 1 LCS and WS.
#5-Scranton Screamin Eagles-(194 pts) a mere 28th ranking in bigs with just 3 palyoff appearances hurts them but in minors this teams always come to play.They have a whopping 53 appearances(3rd in minors),39 div titles(4th in minors),12 LCS(tied for 3rd in minors) and 6 WS(tied for 3rd in minors).
#4-Atlanta Angry Pirates-(195 pts)Another 1 point victory.ML's these guys are 11th with 7 div titles and 8 appearances.Look for that to change over the next couple yrs wit this other young team.Ranking 5th in minors with 43 appearances 38 by div titles,10 LCS,and 6 WS.
#3-Cincinnati Red Stockings-(221 pts)Cincy ranked 5th in ML's with 10 trips to playoffs,9 by div title and 3 LCS titles.A 4th ranking in minors is from their 62 appearances(3rd most),33 div titles(4th),12 LCS(tied for 3rd), and 5 WS(tied for 4th)
#2-SalemStreep Sweepers-(343 PTS)Salem is middle of the bigs, ranking 15th but by far is the most decorated minor league squad by ML's they have 6 playoff appearances and 4 division titles.Where they rack up is in the minors.They have 68 appearances(2nd),60 div titles(1st),23LCS(1st),and 18(1st-5 more than 2nd) World Series'.
#1-Tacoma Mountain Men-(387 pts)Suprise,Suprise!Did anyone doubt the Mighty Mountain Men?They trumped in all categories in ML's,the only team to touch their #1 rankings was Indy with 14 div titles.they have had 9 LCS,8 WS, all in a perfect 17 maximum oppurtunistic appearances.Minor leagues they did finish 2nd with a league leading 70 appearances,but only 52 div titles(2nd),19 LCS(2nd),and 13 WS(2nd).

While i had the numbers crunched i decided to see who was the best division,these were the results:
#1-NL North
#2-(tie)NL South/AL North
#4-AL West
#5-NL West
#6-NL East
#7-AL East
#8-AL South

Top League
#1-National League-2013 pts
#2-American League-1863 pts

I'm sure not averyone approves of this formula, but its just a gauging system for collection of banners through minors and majors and doesnt really mean anything! Hope you all enjoyed the number crunch and have a nice spring!I will check these again in a few seasons, so you better pick up those minor league systems because the Whitehouse is watching!

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