Friday, March 18, 2011

Who has the best organization? pt 2

I know everyone has been waiting for part 2 of "who has the best organization's top 15."Once again this is the ranking for best organization from rookie to major leagues.Whitehouse Rating= 4 points for world series,3 points for LCS,2 points for div title and 1 point for playoff appearance at any level. NOTE: i mixed up notes on colorado,colorado springs and colombus.The only correction from part 1 is a tie for #18th(tied)-Colorado Springs Field Mice-(104 pts)Big League play these guys rank 9th with 11 appearances in playoffs via 6 by div chamionships and 1 LCS's to their ML banners.They slipped a little in minors with a 22nd ranking with 25 appearances,20 div titles,3 LCS, and 1 world series.psanders is an original owner.So our countdown continues at #14....

#14-New York Stink Palmers-(120 pts)The NY2 club has 6 major league playoff appearances and 1 division title which ranked them 22nd in bigs.Their minor league teams helped them tremendoudly in rankings coming in 10th.with 45 appearances,13 div titles,7 LCS'S and a countdown high at this point, 5 World Series'(4th best in minors).Look for this team to move up in ML rankings as they are one of the 3 youngest teams in league.joshcarolina is an original owner.
#13-Augusta Moose-(127 pts)The Moose ranked 13th in ML's with 7 playoffs appearances with 4 div titles.minor league they ranked 13th with 39 october appearances,32 by div titles,but only 3 LCS titles and lacked points for "closing the deal"in the big series. Mcgupp is an original owner.
#12-Cleveland Redlegs-(133 pts)Cleveland ranks dead last in ML's with 0 appearances-that makes them a very fine minor league club ranking 10th in minors with 44 appearances but get mad points for 40(ranks 3rd total) division titles!! They have 3 LCS titles to add to their point total.However have 0 WS which makes them 1 of 7 teams with no WS banners in their organization!
#11-Boston Red Sox-(136 pts)Red Sox have 2 playoff appearances in ML's to rank them 29th.the made up a lot of points in the minors ranking 9th.they were propelled by 37 appearances via 32 div titles,7LCS titles amd 3 World Series.
#10-Colombus Small Ballers-(143 pts) Small Ballers have a new owner that has some high expectations expected of him.They rank the 4th best ML team with 14 appearances ,13 div titles and 3 LCS titles.A 7th ranking drops them in minors they have acquired 20 div titles,6 LCS, and 3 WS rings in 24 appearances,
#9-Nashville Troubadours-(149 pts)Nashville is tied at 17th in ML's with 6 appearances and 3 div titles.They are 8th in minors with 46 appearances,23 div titles,11 LCS'S and 3 world series trophies.
#7(tie)-Little Rock Liddies-(150 pts) The Liddies are tied 31st with 1 playoff appearance.They pack a punch in the minors with a 6 ranking.After 43 trips ,35 by div title.They have acquired 8 LCS's and 3 World Series rings.
#7(tie)-Texas Dragons-(150 pts)The Dragons rank 10th in bigs with 5 playoff appearances all by division titles and have 1 LCS ,and they made it count gaining their 1 world series victory.Texas was 11th in minors with 39 trips to playoffs,23 div titles,9LCS, and 4World Series triumphs.
#6-St Louis Arch Angels-(160 pts)Arch Angel's rank 3rd best team in ML's with 11 div titles,2 LCS,and 2 WS in their 12 appearances.They finished 14th in minor leagues with 37 appearances via 29 bydiv titles but have only produced 1 LCS and WS.
#5-Scranton Screamin Eagles-(194 pts) a mere 28th ranking in bigs with just 3 palyoff appearances hurts them but in minors this teams always come to play.They have a whopping 53 appearances(3rd in minors),39 div titles(4th in minors),12 LCS(tied for 3rd in minors) and 6 WS(tied for 3rd in minors).
#4-Atlanta Angry Pirates-(195 pts)Another 1 point victory.ML's these guys are 11th with 7 div titles and 8 appearances.Look for that to change over the next couple yrs wit this other young team.Ranking 5th in minors with 43 appearances 38 by div titles,10 LCS,and 6 WS.
#3-Cincinnati Red Stockings-(221 pts)Cincy ranked 5th in ML's with 10 trips to playoffs,9 by div title and 3 LCS titles.A 4th ranking in minors is from their 62 appearances(3rd most),33 div titles(4th),12 LCS(tied for 3rd), and 5 WS(tied for 4th)
#2-SalemStreep Sweepers-(343 PTS)Salem is middle of the bigs, ranking 15th but by far is the most decorated minor league squad by ML's they have 6 playoff appearances and 4 division titles.Where they rack up is in the minors.They have 68 appearances(2nd),60 div titles(1st),23LCS(1st),and 18(1st-5 more than 2nd) World Series'.
#1-Tacoma Mountain Men-(387 pts)Suprise,Suprise!Did anyone doubt the Mighty Mountain Men?They trumped in all categories in ML's,the only team to touch their #1 rankings was Indy with 14 div titles.they have had 9 LCS,8 WS, all in a perfect 17 maximum oppurtunistic appearances.Minor leagues they did finish 2nd with a league leading 70 appearances,but only 52 div titles(2nd),19 LCS(2nd),and 13 WS(2nd).

While i had the numbers crunched i decided to see who was the best division,these were the results:
#1-NL North
#2-(tie)NL South/AL North
#4-AL West
#5-NL West
#6-NL East
#7-AL East
#8-AL South

Top League
#1-National League-2013 pts
#2-American League-1863 pts

I'm sure not averyone approves of this formula, but its just a gauging system for collection of banners through minors and majors and doesnt really mean anything! Hope you all enjoyed the number crunch and have a nice spring!I will check these again in a few seasons, so you better pick up those minor league systems because the Whitehouse is watching!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who has the best organization? Pt 1

Well we all know who has the best ML franchise and that would be Tacoma,but after a little thought i wondered who had the best entire organization.There was a couple different ways I found to answer the question.What i decided to do was come up with a formula that could be understood with easy explanation that would rank by covering all levels of play,majors and minors.The Whitehouse formula as I have named it, is scored like this.For a Divisional Title you get 2 points,League Championship you get 3 points, and for a World Series 4 points and 1 point for a playoff appearance,in any level.NOTE : no points were given for Divisional Champion Series wins.I broke it down for the bigs at first and decided to go for an entire franchise ranking,these are the results of the Best Organizations since inception(up through season 17) I will break the teams down in a 2 part write up counting down to #1,hope you all enjoy!

#32-Charleston Vampires-(23 pts)Have only made it to the ML playoffs once,which tied them for a 30 rank in ML's and have had only 7 divisional titles and 1 wild card appearance in minors as their highest accomplishment.
#31-Sacramento Screaming Eagles-(39 pts)With 1 divisional title and 4 ML total appearances, Sacramento has also blundered in the minor leagues, but is tied for 24th in ML rankings,to have a bright side if there is one.The Screaming Eagles have 5 minor league div titles with 15 appearances in playoffs in minor leagues.
#29(tied)-Baltimore Mets-(43 pts)Baltimore ranks 18th in ML's with 3 division titles and 6 total playoff appearances but their minors have failed them in getting them props for the Whitehouse ratings.1 league championship and 8 division titles in minors.pitnickd is an original owner.
#29(tied)-New York Juicers-(43 pts)The Juicers came in 12th in ML ratings, but like Baltimore dont put much thought into minor league accomplishments,which hurts in these rankings. 2 league championships and 7 divisional titles which make up all their ML playoff appearances is impressive.Though,their minors has failed to produce but 1 world series,1 1 league championship and 1 div title and has had 13 playoff appearances in the minors.
#28-Salt Lake(44 pts)-This franchise, although, has had success with 6 divisional titles and 2 League Championships in the Bigs for a #7 ranking,they have been horrid in the minors with a measely 3 minor league division titles and 12 playoff appearances in all minor league levels over 17 seasons.
#27-Oklahoma City Outlaws-(49 pts)With 2 division titles,their only ML appearances, does rank them 22nd in the bigs.But a dismal minor league system with 10 total division titles,1 league championship(that they did make count), and 1 world series in 16 appearances just doesn't help them in these polls.
#26-Ottawa Rough Riders-(53 pts)Ottawa has 9 ML playoff appearances,1 league championship and 1 division title which ties them for 14th at big league level their minor league has failed to fire.20 minor league playoff appearances have brought them home just 1 league championship with 8 titles which ranked them 26th in minor league ratings.They do play in a division with mighty Tacoma but there are no excuses in baseball.
#25-Tampa Bay Sun-(67 pts)They rank 23rd in ML's with 2 division titles and those were their only appearnces.In minors have had 30 playoff appearances,9 div titles,3 league championships and 1 world series team but i see a brighter future with the Sun with thompkinsaj at the helm.
#24-Madison Cheeseheads-(71 pts)Madison was 27th in ML ratings with 1 div title and 2 appearances but picked it up in the minors a bit.They had 20 appearances,15 by div titleway,3 LCS's and the first of our teams unveiled to have 2 World Series rings.
#23-Durham Bulls-(85 pts)Durham has some nice ML ball teams and are ranked 8th with 9 playoff apearances,7 of them by div title, and had 1 LCS.The 24th ranking in minors was the stinker for Durham,they have had 30 minor league playoff appearances with just 1 LCS and 13 div titles to their belt.
#22-Indianapolis Lancers-(97 pts)The mighty Lancers of the major leagues are ranked #2 in pro rankings with 71 pts.They have been in playoffs 15 of 17 seasons with 4 world series rings all via their 4 and only LCS's(they make it count, they are 4-0 in world series when they make it there)also adding 14 div titles out of the 17 yrs.Very Impressive!!! Their minors....arent so hot!They are ranked the 28th worst minor league organization.They only have 10 playoff appearances with 8 div titles in 85 opportunities....with no minor league banners!danman is original owner along with world commissioner!
#21-Colorado Moonshots-(101 pts)They rank 25th in bigs with 4 playoff appearances and 1 div title.a 16th ranking gives them a boost in minors with 24 appearances,20 of them by division titleway.They have 6 minor league LCS's and the first of our teams to have 3 World Series banners from the minors.
#20-Las Vegas Rounders-(102 pts)Edging Colorado out by one point is Las vegas.3 div titles helped pull them away and 5 total tickets punched in october ranked them 19th in big league play.32 appearance via 26 div titles helped get them to 1 LCS in which they won their one and only WS title in the minor leagues.
#19-Milwaukee Brewers-(103pts)Another 1 point victory in the rankings.A 27th ML ranking didnt help with 1 div title and only 2 playoff appearances.They picked it up in the minor leagues(14th) with 40 big banging appearances,15 by div title,with 7 big LCS AND 2 WS banners hanging in Miller park...these awards all brought to you by kainvb, an original owner.
#18-Mexico City Charros-(104 pts)Once again a tight race won by 1 point.Mexico City has been to 7 playoffs 2 by the way of div titles and won 1 LCS but lost in their only chance at a Championship which ties them for 15th on the big league scale.Minor leagues they ranked 19th with 32 appearances,19 div titles ,4 LCS'S and 2 WS
#16-Iowa City Moonlight Graham's-(107 pts)The Moonlight Graham's are interesting they have 0 div titles but have 2 appearances in which one they won the LCS and world series which ranks them 20 in ML rankings.Minor leagues they rank 15th by 33 appearances 29 by div title, 1 LCS and world series.
#15-Florida Jack A$$es-(117pts) Florida ranks 6th in ML's.They have been to playoffs 10 times 8 by div titles.And have also won a LCS and have a WS ring!Minors,The jack a$$es look like exactly that they fall of to 20th.32 appearances, 21 div titles,2LCS's and 1 minor league world series banner.

Didn't see your team , you were lucky enough to make it to the top 15 coming soon.....