Friday, October 24, 2008

Top 10 Mauler Prospects

1. Anthony Pritchett - Currently in AAA. Will make his ML debut next year at either 2B or CF. Great glove, range, and splits should make Pritchett a solid ML player.

2. Rip Scott - Currently in AAA. May play in the bigs next year or maybe season 12. Great splits, solid control, and average pitches should may Scott a solid LR man.

3. Mac Rupe - Currently in High A. Future CF or 2B. Great glove, eye, splits, and contact should make Rupe a very solid #2 hitter.

4. Stewart Giles - Currently in AAA. Hopefully will be my #5 pitcher next year. Some concerns with decent control and fairly low splits. Hopefully his 2 great pitches and 2 solid pitches will make up for it.

5. Charley Pratt - Currently in AAA. Pratt may pitch next year or season 12. Solid control, decent LHS, great RHS, and 3 good pitches should make Pratt a possible #3 starter.

6. Earl Stern - Currently in AAA. Stern should be a good Setup/LR man in a season or two. Great control and solid splits should help his sort of weak pitches out.

7. Tommie McNamara - Currently in AA. Solid hitter and good RF.

8. Brian Parrott - Currently in High A. Should be a solid hitter and good fielder.

9. James Lewis - Currently in High A. Low stamina forces Lewis to be a great LR maybe spot starter. Very good control and splits.

10. Neil Hearn - Currently in High A. With C's being the hardest position IMO to fill. I was very glad to get Hearn from the Inferno. GREAT PC, arm, and some pop with the bat. Hearn will be on my ML squad at some point in his career.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indianapolis Lancers Top 10 Prospects - Season 10

1. Josias Pena - My $16 million advanced scouting sees Pena projecting to 100/100 splits, and while that's likely not 100% accurate, Pena will still be a very good reliever in the future. Expect to see him playing an integral part in the Lancers' bullpen beginning next season.
2. Steven Harris - Although he boasts projected splits of 90+ (according to my scouts), Harris likely won't see much time behind the plate in Indianapolis due to Rudy Aldridge. With a bat as good as he's got, and adequate defensive skills behind the plate, Harris will probably another franchise's long-term solution at catcher.
3. Max Hernandez - Hernandez is another solid catching prospect blocked by Aldridge. Hernandez fell to the supplemental round of the season 7 draft, though his great power and batting eye and adequate defense mean he'll be a possible All-Star catcher in the major leagues.
4. McKay White - A recent acquisition, White is a solid reliever capable of going multiple innings. If he's able to stay healthy, he'll probably move into the Lancers' bullpen in season 12.
5. Alan Ramirez - A 1st-round pick in season 7, Ramirez projects to be a solid if unspectacular long reliever or back-of-the-rotation starter when he reaches the major leagues next year.
6. Lewis Harvey - Harvey, a 2nd-round pick last season, is the third major catcher in the Lancers' minor league system. Even if Aldridge wasn't around, Harvey would have a hard time breaking the Lancers' future lineup due to the fact he's stuck behind Harris and Hernandez in the system. However, his great bat and solid glove will probably end up netting him a major league roster spot elsewhere.
7. Harold Green - Green was the Lancers' top draft pick last season, and he projects to be a similar pitcher to Ramirez: solid long reliever of back-of-the-rotation starter. He expects to make his major league debut in season 12.
8. Rico Delgado - Delgado was signed for $5 million out of Venezuela in season 8. He's a slow-footed power hitter who might just earn himself a starting job next season. Worst case scenario, he'll be the Lancers' first bat off the bench when he debuts in a year.
9. Pat Fischer - Fischer was the Lancers' top season 8 draft pick. Already age 24, he'll probably debut next season as a back-of-the-rotation starter due to the fact that he's got solid across-the-board ratings, but nothing spectacular.
10. Harry Lopez - Lopez signed an $8 million deal out of the Dominican Republic last season at the age of 19. While he converted only 25 of 34 save opportunities last year, he's still on track for a Lancers bullpen job in season 13.

Update on last year's top 10:

1. Damaso Moreno - Batted .258 with 34 HR last season, plus .429 in 28 post-season AB.
2. Pena - #1 prospect this season.
3. Pedro Santiago - Is making his major league debut this season as a setup man.
4. Ramirez - #5 prospect this season.
5. Hernandez - #3 prospect this season.
6. Geoff Holmes - Traded to the Juicers in the deal for White. Currently in AAA.
7. Sam Stewart - Came up last season to replace an injured player, and went 6-3 with a 4.70 ERA in 16 starts, plus 1-0 in 2 post-season starts.
8. Fischer - #9 prospect this season.
9. Lawrence Faulkner - Traded to the Juicers in the deal for White. Currently a setup man for the Juicers.
10. Denny Everett - Currently platooning for the Lancers in LF.

All-Time Franchise Wins Through Season 9

Rochester 977
Montgomery 876
Indianapolis 873
Colorado Springs 863

New Britain/Ottawa 851
Pawtucket 850
New York (NL) 818
Kansas City 818
Texas 817

Toronto/Fargo/Buffalo/Syracuse 781
Augusta 778
St. Louis 768

Anaheim/Honolulu 767
Albaquerque/Oklahoma City/Las Vegas/Vancouver 765
Baltimore 754

New Orleans/Santa Fe/Charlotte 742
Montreal 739
San Francisco/Los Angeles/Boise/Arizona/Boise/Anaheim/Las Vegas 703
Nashville/Louisville/Richmond 683
Cincinnati/San Juan/Boston/Chicago/Philadelphia 673
San Diego/San Juan/Helena 669
Milwaukee 655
Las Vegas/Tacoma/Tucson/Las Vegas/Salem/San Diego/Oklahoma City 652
Boise/Arizona/Oakland 640
Charleston/Tampa Bay/San Antonio/Jackson/Mexico City/Jackson 635
Richmond/Cleveland/Hartford/Trenton/Charleston 634
Chicago/Jacksonville/Cleveland 626
Cleveland/Columbus/Chicago/Philadelphia/Iowa City 623
Louisville/Santa Fe/Atlanta/Memphis/San Juan/San Antonio 621
Norfolk/Syracuse/Philadelphia/Wichita/Chicago 614
Madison/Scranton/Philadelphia/Madison/New York (AL) 566
Atlanta/Tampa Bay/Nashville/Little Rock 503

Friday, October 17, 2008


NL West Preview

Oakland Acorns

Oakland enters season 10 with a mission to put an end to the struggles that have plagued them for the last three seasons. Led by power hitting LF’er Ronnie Austin and newly acquired starting pitcher Eddie Bryant, the Acorns are poised to make a run at the weakest division in Alexander.

Oakland has some young players in AAA that are near ML ready, and could provide a boost to a struggling franchise if GM pengoman decides this is the season to bring them up.

Potential ML 3B

Potential ML 1B

Potential ML CF’er

Oklahoma City Knights
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Knights (NL)
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OKC enters season 10 with new management. Knights fans are delighted that former Kansas University graduate rokchalkbaby finally retired, like most things Jayhawks touch, the franchise turned to shit under his management. Drthudd515 has promised the fans a more competitive effort this season, and with players like Tyler Monahan, Russell Yeager, Joaquin Espada, and Kyle Foster; the Knights have many of the tools to get the job done.

The youth in the Knights organization isn’t “thick”, but it does present some hope for the future.

ML Shortstop

Ozzie isn’t the best SS in the league, but he can hold his own in the top 10, and will be key to the success the Knights have this season at the prime age of 27.


Russell is one of the best 2Bman in Alexander at the youthful age of 25. He is the foundation for a team on the rebound… and rebuild.

Helena Loggers

The loggers saw one of their best seasons ever in season 9, only to be derailed by a very disappointing close to the season, where they lost a division lead that they owned for nearly 2/3 of the season. Rcf106 has shown confidence in his young team by making very few off season moves for season 10, he brought back the key components of his coaching staff, and is looking to build off last seasons successes.

What moves rcf106 did make should shore up a pitching staff that let that season 9 division lead slip away.

Starting Pitcher #1

Starting Pitcher #2

With returning stars Stan Rowand, Adam Gagne, and Tony De La Vega and with a couple very nice young players promoted to the big league level, Helena is primed to make a run once again at the division title.



All of these youngsters have division rivals scratching their heads. How can we stop Helena this season?

St. Louis Arch Angels

St. Louis
St. Louis Arch Angels (NL)
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After 6 seasons of bad moves for a win now philosophy, St’ Louis GM evancavan learned what paying the price really means. St. Louis has a very thin minor league system, with only 1 prospect to brag about left; Augie Dorsey.

Without the chance to promote from within, evancavan focused on Free Agency and the trade market to get St. Louis ready for a tough battle. Norberto Manzanillo, Pedro Santos, George Fonda, Andy Woodall, Craig Strong, Will Prince, Buck Boyle, Bob Buckley, and Charlie Tatum were all added to the season 10 25-man roster. This is Change…. Can you believe in it? the only new acquisition in his 30’s is Manzanillo, so the Arch Angel fans are hoping they work out…. Because they are stuck with this squad for the foreseeable future.

After careful unbiased review, this humble correspondents prediction for the NL west is at best, flawed. But none the less….

St. Louis will win the division again in a tight battle that will come down to health and pitching. But the surprise for the Alexander world will be Helena… who will make the playoffs this season with a wildcard birth. The NL West will not be the doormat of past seasons.

St. Louis 99-63
Helena 98-64
Oakland 86-76

OKC 74-88

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indianapolis Lancers Season 10 Preview

Once again, the Lancers went through a pretty slow and uneventful offseason. As most of their top players are in their prime, they probably won't need to make any huge moves for a couple of years.

Only a couple moves were made this offseason. C Rudy Aldridge signed a 5-year, $40.75 million contract extension to remain with the Lancers through season 14. SP David Lugo also was extended, inking a 5-year, $31.25 million deal to anchor the Lancers' pitching staff for the foreseeable future. 9 players were signed to 1-year deals through arbitration, while LF Michael Walker and RP Danny Alston saw their 9-year tenures with the Lancers franchise end. Only 2 new players will start the season on the Lancers' 25-man roster this season: RP Pedro Santiago and LF Denny Everett. The Lancers hope to repeat the success of the previous seasons with a solid season 10 lineup and pitching staff.

Montgomery Maulers Season 10

Not a lot of changes to the Maulers ML team. Hopefully that will get us back to the World Series.

Losses - Tyler Monahan is by far the biggest loss this year. Cesar Vizquel also is a big loss expecially considering he is the last player from my WS title in Season 1.

Additions - Wayne Hamilton looks to fill in for Monohan with Jose Perez helping out with Hamiltons durability issues. The other big move for the Maulers is Anthony Pritchett. Slotted to start at 2B maybe a year too early but should be a stud in the upcoming years.

Off Season Blitz - St. Louis

The St. Louis Arch Angels have been very aggressive in the off season, having made multiple personnel changes. Only 3 players from last seasons starting lineup remain... with competition being added for the SS spot. Spring training could see that number drop to 2 starting position players. (Clay Edwards, Pete Miles, and possibly Kirk Morris)

First base is potentially the weakest change with an anticipated platoon arangement:

Mark Kim
St. Louis
Arch Angels
Age: 27B/T: L/R
Born: Okinawa, JP
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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Will Prince
St. Louis
Arch Angels
Age: 26B/T: R/R
Born: Odessa, TX
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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2nd Base sees newcomer:

George Fonda
St. Louis
Arch Angels
Age: 28B/T: R/R
Born: Monson, MA
Position(s): 2B/IF/OF/DH
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He's a speedster with decent hitting skills, above average range and glove. Formerly a utility player, expect to see him in the lead off role for St. Louis this season.

At 3rd Base, St. Louis brought in a perinial all-star from the Free Agent ranks:

Norberto Manzanillo
St. Louis
Arch Angels
Age: 31B/T: R/R
Born: Cartagena, CO
Position(s): 3B/RF
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St. Louis is expecting Norberto to add a leadership in the dugout that has been sorely lacking in the organization for the last 3 seasons.

At CF, St. Louis called on division rival, and long time trade partner, Oakland:

Pedro Santos
St. Louis
Arch Angels
Age: 26B/T: R/R
Born: Las Vegas, NV
Position(s): CF/2B/OF/DH
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Pedro Santos has been an exceptional rightfielder during his career... he'll captain the outfield in center this season for the Arch Angels surrounded by the 2 returning stars Clay Edwards and Pete Miles. Santos is expected to fill the 2 spot in the lineup that has been upgraded for run production. St. Louis management feels his sub par offensive numbers are due to having very little support. And feels he'll excel in this lineup.

At Catcher, St. Louis has made a youth shift, bringing in 2 young players to split duties. Both are solid defensive catchers that have a very solid understanding of the game. These two rookies are going to be counted on to play beyond experience, and keep control of a historically eratic pitching staff.

Bob Buckley
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Hurley, MS
Position(s): C
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Buck Boyle
Age: 22B/T: R/R
Born: Fabens, TX
Position(s): C/DH
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Neither is an offensive threat, but both have skills to make a difference from time to time. They are being brought in solely for defensive and game knowledge reasons.

St. Louis has also looked to the bench, and has brought in a nice role/utility player:

Andy is expected to back up 7 positions this season with his defensive skills.

This seasons newcomer to the rotation was brought in last season. Spent most of the year as a AAA player. St. Louis acquired him to be a relief specialist, but much like the RL counterpart in St. Louis, the Cardinals, the Arch Angels have a lack of quality depth of starting pitchers.... so this young man will be thrust into stardom as a #5 starter.

Torey Gonzales
St. Louis
Arch Angels
Age: 22B/T: S/R
Born: Moca, DO
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Look for him to move back to the bullpen once the playoffs begin. With Charles Suzuki, Mo Levrault, and Don Darnell anchoring the playoff rotation.

Orber Ordaz remains the one starting pitcher without a definite role. St. Louis had attempted to trade him this season... but found little demand for him. Ultimately Eddie Bryant was the Starter that left town in a big trade involvng Pedro Santos. Ordaz is expected to eat up regular season innings, keep the bullpen fresh, and hopefully squeeze out 10-14 wins with a much improved offense behind him.

And as everyone knows, a team is only as good as it's coaching staff. St. Louis brought in Harry Belliard, a former coach from the glory days, and Sam Myers from juggernaut Pawtucket to help lead St. Louis back to thier contending days.