Thursday, August 28, 2008

ns220 Interview

Today we sit down with ns220, another one of Alexander's original owners. ns220 is the owner of Alexander's winningest franchise, the Rochester Big and Tall. Even with three World Series championships and 8 playoff appearances in Alexander's first 8 seasons, the Big and Tall are on pace to set a franchise record for wins this year. With power at every position (8 players with 20+ HR) and three starting pitchers with sub-3 ERA's, the Big and Tall are a juggernaut in every sense of the word.

Q: How has the season gone so far for you? Is your team living up to your expectations or are you disappointed?

So far, so good. My teams are performing well at each level. My only frustration has been an outbreak of injuries. Despite that, my big league team is comfortably in first, and my prospects are progressing well.

Q: Who on your team is underachieving and who is overachieving, in your opinion?

My starting pitching is overachieving - My top 4 starters are a combined 52-6, which is absurd. On the other hand, my bullpen has been very mediocre. Not one of them has an ERA below 4.66 right now. I also thought that my third baseman, Denny Risley, would be better than he is.

Q: What do you think your teams biggest strengths and weaknesses are, and do you plan on making any moves to alleviate those weaknesses?

My biggest strengths are my starting pitching and my team's overall power. 5-time All-Star right fielder Damian MacFarlane is eligible to come off the DL, so he'll add another bat. Otherwise, I don't expect to make any moves.

Q: How is your team set for the future? Is your team set up to become a dynasty or are you in win-at-all-costs-now mode? What is your plan?

I always plan about three years ahead. My big league team is very young - of real contributors, only McFarlane, my catcher Ryan Andrews and starter Al Carreras are over 30, and they are 30, 31 and 30 respectively. I also have minor league talent ready to step in at almost every position, including several who should be stars (Bob Holt and Marco Taylor at AAA leap to mind). Barring catastrophic injuries, the Big and Tall should be in contention for at least the next 5 seasons.

Q: Who do you pick to win it all this year? And why?

I'd love to be able to say Rochester, but I have not been able to beat the Lancers in recent seasons, and until I do, they have to be considered the favorite. I think that I join all of Alexander world in hoping that Rudy Aldridge gets hit by a sim bus.

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