Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Career Records Outlook Pt1

First lets talk offense,the world as we know it has been ruled by Rudy Aldridge(IND) but all that is changing.Dont get me wrong,Aldridge still leads the world in HR's and has a 117 HR lead on the young 33 yr old Karim Martin from Durham,but for how long?Is Perez the new King of Alexander?Not so fast Aldridge still has a 562 runs created lead over Martin which is huge and has a slim 35 RBI lead. Although Martin has scored more runs than "Rudy the Great" not sure if he has earned to be crowned The King!
Gary(The Stank) Stankiewick(IND) has put up some offense himself at 36.He has recently taken the lead in games played from Wally Crespo(Karim Martin is only 100 back at 33)to prove he is an ironman and ready for every game.He also has taken the hits record away from Rudy Aldridge and also owns the runs scored and plate appearances record(by 921 appearances).Martin is only 176 runs scored behind "Stank" in runs scored, so is this is a premature assumption about Martin?Only time will tell but i will miss the greatness and awesomness of Rudy Aldridge,who wowed us all with his power!
A few other records are out there in jeopardy or already been taken over that also need mentioning.The career OBP owned by Aldridge is being threatened by Helena Loggers,Adam Gagne its a close .468-.459. Aldridge has a firm grip on the INT walks also at 228 but a young powerful Jorge Park in Colorado is only 29 and has 105 and will threaten the most feared batter in history for his title.There has been a plethera of young speedy players moving up the stolen base rank and Benito Perez looks to be the next Rickey Henderson at the young age of 30 he has swiped 605 bases which leads his closest competitor(Larry Richard-Burlington Bay Bogarts) by 85 and they are the same age.The retired Hector Sterns still holds the triple's record at 150 but Karim Martin is 33 and closing at 117 after just passing "The Stank" whos stuck at 113! On a lighter note the beanbag award has been taken over by Edwin Parker from Oakland,how much longer can this 37 yr old take pitches for the team?

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