Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 10 Indianapolis Lancers Prospects

A recent slew of trades has left the Lancers' previously position player-rich minor league system mainly barren of good bats, but has added a number of solid pitching prospects. The top ten prospects in the system:

1. Damaso Moreno - Moreno will make his debut this year at the big league level in a platoon at RF at the young age of 22. He will probably strike out a lot, but when he makes contact it's going to hurt the other team.
2. Josias Pena - A recent acquisition, Pena boasts projected 90+ splits and control to overcome his slightly weak pitches. He expects to make his ML debut in a couple seasons.
3. Pedro Santiago - Another recently acquired reliever, Santiago will spend the season closing games at AAA to prepare for a possible closer job at the ML level next year.
4. Alan Ramirez - Ramirez will spend this season starting games in AA. A first-round pick of the Lancers in Season 7, Ramirez will most likely make his ML debut as a long reliever in a couple of seasons.
5. Max Hernandez - Hernandez, the 40th overall selection in the Season 7 draft, is in the unenviable position of being a catcher in the same franchise as Rudy Aldridge. Hernandez boasts a big stick of his own, and is being moved slowly up the system to become Aldridge's backup and possibly his eventual successor.
6. Geoff Holmes - Holmes is another young pitcher recently acquired by the Lancers. He will spend the year in a setup role in AAA and will probably make the leap to the bigs next year as a long reliever.
7. Sam Stewart - Stewart boasts one of the best fastballs in the league, along with a solid slider and change up to back it up. He'll start the year as a SP in AAA but may be the first man called up if an injury strikes the ML club. If not, he'll probably be up next year.
8. Pat Fischer - Fischer was drafted in the first round by the Lancers in Season 8 at the age of 22. Although is control is a little lower than desirable, his quality pitches and splits put him on the fast track to the big leagues. He'll start the season in Low A, but don't be surprised to see him move up mid-season.
9. Lawrence Faulkner - Faulkner, chosen in the second round of the Season 5 amateur draft, has been the closer at every level from RL to AA. However, he'll enter this year as a setup man in AAA. He has the durability and stamina to be an excellent multi-inning closer...however, he must beat out the men in front of him.
10. Denny Everett - Already age 24, Everett has shown he can hit the ball in the minors with a .344 career BA. He'll most likely be a .300 hitter in the big leagues, but he'll spend the year in the minors to work on his game and due to the logjam in the OF for the Lancers' ML team.

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