Friday, October 17, 2008


NL West Preview

Oakland Acorns

Oakland enters season 10 with a mission to put an end to the struggles that have plagued them for the last three seasons. Led by power hitting LF’er Ronnie Austin and newly acquired starting pitcher Eddie Bryant, the Acorns are poised to make a run at the weakest division in Alexander.

Oakland has some young players in AAA that are near ML ready, and could provide a boost to a struggling franchise if GM pengoman decides this is the season to bring them up.

Potential ML 3B

Potential ML 1B

Potential ML CF’er

Oklahoma City Knights
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Knights (NL)
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OKC enters season 10 with new management. Knights fans are delighted that former Kansas University graduate rokchalkbaby finally retired, like most things Jayhawks touch, the franchise turned to shit under his management. Drthudd515 has promised the fans a more competitive effort this season, and with players like Tyler Monahan, Russell Yeager, Joaquin Espada, and Kyle Foster; the Knights have many of the tools to get the job done.

The youth in the Knights organization isn’t “thick”, but it does present some hope for the future.

ML Shortstop

Ozzie isn’t the best SS in the league, but he can hold his own in the top 10, and will be key to the success the Knights have this season at the prime age of 27.


Russell is one of the best 2Bman in Alexander at the youthful age of 25. He is the foundation for a team on the rebound… and rebuild.

Helena Loggers

The loggers saw one of their best seasons ever in season 9, only to be derailed by a very disappointing close to the season, where they lost a division lead that they owned for nearly 2/3 of the season. Rcf106 has shown confidence in his young team by making very few off season moves for season 10, he brought back the key components of his coaching staff, and is looking to build off last seasons successes.

What moves rcf106 did make should shore up a pitching staff that let that season 9 division lead slip away.

Starting Pitcher #1

Starting Pitcher #2

With returning stars Stan Rowand, Adam Gagne, and Tony De La Vega and with a couple very nice young players promoted to the big league level, Helena is primed to make a run once again at the division title.



All of these youngsters have division rivals scratching their heads. How can we stop Helena this season?

St. Louis Arch Angels

St. Louis
St. Louis Arch Angels (NL)
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After 6 seasons of bad moves for a win now philosophy, St’ Louis GM evancavan learned what paying the price really means. St. Louis has a very thin minor league system, with only 1 prospect to brag about left; Augie Dorsey.

Without the chance to promote from within, evancavan focused on Free Agency and the trade market to get St. Louis ready for a tough battle. Norberto Manzanillo, Pedro Santos, George Fonda, Andy Woodall, Craig Strong, Will Prince, Buck Boyle, Bob Buckley, and Charlie Tatum were all added to the season 10 25-man roster. This is Change…. Can you believe in it? the only new acquisition in his 30’s is Manzanillo, so the Arch Angel fans are hoping they work out…. Because they are stuck with this squad for the foreseeable future.

After careful unbiased review, this humble correspondents prediction for the NL west is at best, flawed. But none the less….

St. Louis will win the division again in a tight battle that will come down to health and pitching. But the surprise for the Alexander world will be Helena… who will make the playoffs this season with a wildcard birth. The NL West will not be the doormat of past seasons.

St. Louis 99-63
Helena 98-64
Oakland 86-76

OKC 74-88

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