Friday, November 21, 2008

Season 10 Amateur Draft Analysis: Picks 21-32

21. Stephen Johnson (Honolulu Tsunami) - The Tsunami have quietly stockpiled a ton of young talent, and Johnson is another piece to add. Three solid pitches and an ability to handle RH batters makes Johnson a solid future starter. Grade: A-

22. Del Douglass (Richmond Revolution) - Pitchers like Douglass are the hardest to predict: whether or not his control develops to where it's projected will decide whether Douglass is a successful ML pitcher or not. Grade: C+

23. Ozzie Wilkins (Kansas City Fresh) - Wilkins will be a very solid relief pitcher in the future, and will be able to pitch a lot thanks to his high durability. If his splits were a bit higher he'd be a great closer candidate. Grade: B

24. Josh Foster (Jackson Jokers) - Foster is another great steal of the draft. He has great power and is a nightmare for LHP's. Although he's not a great defender, he is adequate behind the plate and won't be limited to DH duties. Grade: A

25. George Bochtler (Colorado Springs Field Mice) - Although Bochtler is listed as a SS, it is unlikely he'll ever play there as he just doesn't have enough range. With his great speed, he might be a better option coming off the bench in the future. Grade: C-

26. Joey Seo (Charleston Vampires) - Seo is another hard-to-predict pitcher. If his control develops fully, he'll be a solid ML pitcher who can go deep into games. If not, he might be AAA material. Grade: C+

27. Gerald Nicholas (Cleveland Redlegs) - Without a dominant pitch or more than one really solid pitch, Nicholas will probably be no more than a solid number 4 or 5 starter. Grade: B-

28. Skeeter Offerman (Montgomery Maulers) - Offerman has great control and a solid 4-pitch arsenal. However, his low effectiveness vs. both lefties and righties means he should probably never see the big leagues. Grade: D

29. Toby Watkins (Indianapolis Lancers) - With durability 10 points higher, Watkins would probably be a solid 4 or 5 starter. However, with durability of 11, he's probably limited to a relief role in the future. Grade: B-

30. Ed Reboulet (Ottawa Rough Riders) - Reboulet won't be an All-Star (most likely), but he should be a pretty solid starter or bat off the bench. Grade: C

31. Jim Hoffman (Pawtucket Patriots) - Hoffman's solid splits and great batting eye will give him a high OPS. However, with his low pitch calling, he might be limited to DH duties. Grade: B

32. Hughie Wright (Rochester Big and Tall) - Wright won't be dominant out of the pen, but he'll be a very solid reliever who can rack up a lot of innings in relief. Grade: B+

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