Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AL NORTH : Spotlight Iowa City Black Hawks

Iowa City did some good things for their organization since leaving the field in season 11.They added talent in free agency during the playoffs and freed up a lot of cash in the process all the while getting younger.In the infield the Black Hawks promoted Tex Parnell looking for some power and good defense along with Ricky Sinclair at 2nd base. Pitching went well for the franchise in the off season they revamped their pitching and made it better with additions of Shawn Bradford to the rotation and Kyle West . Gerald Wang and Charles Yamaguchi ,the asian connection, were added to the the bullpen for long relief help .This definitely makes this pitching squad better than last years.This should be much needed help for the ace lefty and up and comer and last years Rookie of the Year Cristobal Lee . As for the outfield this group is one of the best in the division, in my opinion Hideki Lee is a great bat that leads this young and talented outfield,he is accompanied by Larry Richard and Albert Sivilla ,which are sure to create some runs for the Iowa city franchise this season.

This team is starting to come of age from past drafts, they promoted 4 rookies this season and are still well stacked in AAA. Elmer Ellenwood is the best prospect in their system and 2 international free agents signed at $20 mill a piece are soon to come of age also in Pedro Marrero and Carlos Santiago .Its just a matter of time before this team gets their first division title. With cespencer at the helm this team is improving, they went to their playoffs under him in season 10 for the first time since season 1.Hideki Lee is their best returning bat and the young Eddie Marshall is their top starter to return he will be the #1 for this improving franchise! This team is also playing money ball with a payroll of under 35 mill i dont expect them to compete for title this year unless the offense really does well, my prediction 3rd in the AL North!

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