Sunday, April 26, 2009

NL South Meet the Owners: pieo (Wichita Wack Jobs)

On the eve of the regular season, your NL South correspondent will bring you a series of Q&As that will introduce you to the owners of the NL South.  Today, we bring you pieo, a newcomer to this world, but certainly no stranger to WIS.  Pieo is a veteran of 22 HBD seasons, an occasional contributor to the HBD forum, and as you'll learn, hates the Yankees like the rest of us.  

(1) where are you (what city) and what do you do? i.e. tell us whatever you would like to share with us about you.
I live in Phoenix,Az and I am an account manager at a Credit Card Processing firm. I just celebrated 14 months sober in A.A. and I am a die hard NY Giants fan, and love all New York teams, except for the Yankees, whom I hate with a passion.

(2) Welcome to Alexander... what convinced you to join this world?
I joined Alexander b/c i love rebuilding projects, especially when I have complete reign of the finances, and this team meant all of those requirements.

(3) In your 22 seasons, have you ever taken 9 players in the Rule V draft? what's the rationale behind doing that this season?
I've taken 9 or more players in the rule 5 a few times, in fact in a couple days, in Sandberg, I'm about to take 15, and every time it's b/c there's not alot of Rule 5 eligible guys on my team that I feel are worth protecting

(4) You traded Rafael Quixote, who projects to be a legitimate ML bat for Trenidad Montero. While we all value starting pitching, why did you make this deal?
Rafael Quixote is alright, but I hate his batting eye and vs. R, plus I already have a great RF prospect, and I also got another good SP propect in that deal, Larry Lowell, and as you stated SP's are the most coveted players in the game.

(5) How were you first introduced to Hardball Dynasty and/or WIS?
A good friend of mine turned me on to HBD

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